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How to achieve a
carbon positive

Material circulation

Recycled concrete, reclaimed materials and building parts

Envelope & interiors

Glazing, cladding, coating, window films, insulation and high energy efficiency

Smart energy system

Meeting building’s own energy needs, recycling energy

Build4Clima is a multidiciplinary project to promote circular ecnonomy, healthier living environment and carbon neutrality in the construction industry. Our vision is to mitigate climate change with materials that support people’s health and well-being. We aim to transform the bio-materials market for new and renovated buildings with construction processes that not only support carbon neutrality but also carbon sequestration over their lifetime. 

Nearly 40% of all CO2 emissions are related to the building sector and it constitutes 36% of global energy use. According to the IPPC* this sector has the greatest climate mitigation potential of all industries.


Much attention has been given to the energy consumption in the construction and the operations of a building, but a lot is yet to be done in the building materials sector.

Build4Clima addresses the material challenge in the construction industry by bringing together stakeholders who can contribute to better and healthier living environments, find circular business models for construction materials and to create products that are not only carbon neutral but ultimately able to capture carbon during their lifespan.

Reaching true carbon neutrality, or even going beyond by creating buildings that could sequester carbon, necessitates radically new connections. Our task at Build4Clima is to create an ecosystem between a diverse network of actors, including stakeholders such as the construction industry, material providers, chemical industries, designers, procurement managers, financiers, investors, regulators and recycling sectors. 


Concrete & structural

Alternative green materials to conventional concrete and steel

Advanced planning & construction

Minimized energy & material need with advanced planning, construction emission savings and resource efficiency

Building level intelligence

Optimizing for low emissions and high comfort of building automation

Adapted from Frost & Sullivan (2019): Future of Construction


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