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Roadmap work

Our task is to create a roadmap for healthier, circular and carbon positive construction industry.  We are currently in the process of clarifying common themes with a wide group of stakeholders in the construction industry.

During the 2020, different stakeholders were interviewed and invited to workshops, and discussion fora, with the goal of understanding their perceptions and needs, while forming a common roadmap through a facilitated process. The Build4Clima project is multidisciplinary and requires expertise from various fields of society, given that this is so challenging a task: no one can solve it alone. The Build4Clima ecosystem is operated by VTT and Tampere University.


Participate in our survey where we gather views and ideas on necessary actions and areas for development. It is important to answer the questionnaire, as the answers will be used as a basis for a workshop on 24 September 2020.

The survey is open and can be distributed until August 31, 2020. Answering takes about 15 minutes. Build4Clima is a joint project of VTT and Tampere University.


Join us

We invite construction companies, material producers, policymakers, research institutions, city planners, architects, investors and other interested parties to contribute to the roadmap work.
If you are interested to contribute, please fill out the form and we will contact you!